Standard pen nibs

Standard pen nibs

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Order number: ACK-20001


Ready for instant shipment. Delivery time: 3-7 working days.

£3.99 *
39 Reviews

Standard pen nibs

Order number: ACK-20001


Ready for instant shipment. Delivery time: 3-7 working days.

£3.99 *

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5 standard pen nibs black for

  • Intuos4
  • Intuos5
  • Intuos Pro
  • Intuos
  • Bamboo
  • Cintiq 13HD
  • Cintiq 21UX(DTK)
  • Cintiq 22HD
  • Cintiq 24HD
  • Cintiq Companion

Standard pen nibs

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From: Paul Timon
23.02.2015 17:39

Wear down too fast and expensive shipping cost

I had a Wacom pad for years but had to buy a new one because I built a new PC and installed Windows 7.
At the rate the nib wore down it has made me buy several packets of nibs so I won't run out. When you consider the ratio of usable nib to the total length there's a question to be asked - why such waste?

From: Lauren
11.04.2013 01:02

Wear down too quickly

I used up one nib in less than 40 hours of drawing. I am new to intuos products but found the surface of the intuos 5 wears these tips down to a sharp point rather quickly (from what I've read this problem did not occur with intuos 4). I'd rather not have to cover the surface with paper - a suggestion I've seen mentioned many times online - but may have to in order to cut down on costs and protect the surface. Felt nibs wear down quickly too but don't file into sharp points so I am swapping to these whilst listening out for advice/updates on the cause/fix of this widespread problem.

From: Annabelle
29.11.2014 08:28

Wore out in 5 days :[

I'm not sure if these are the same nibs used in cintiq companion hybrid but I found it listed under there....
The nibs wear out way too fast that it's ridiculous!! They are way too expensive on this side of the world to purchase a new packet every month or so!
I do hope that Wacom plans on improving them! I don't want my brand new cintiq to end up with a bunch of scuffs!!
I wouldn't need a screen protector if these nibs worked as good as the ones on my old cintiq 12wx that stayed in top condition for 2 years with only one nib change!

From: Vanessa
25.07.2014 16:05

Very Satisfied!

I bought these nibs for my Intuos Manga and they work perfectly. They last for a good amount of time and when their shape starts to wear out I just adjust it with a nail file in order to avoid any damage to the tablet surface. Also the shipment was very fast, they arrived within 3 days and I can say I'm very satisfied with they way the it was dealt. One of my best experiences in e-shopping!

From: Tania
10.02.2014 15:31

Highly disappointed

Wears out way too fast, moreover it makes like an eternity that the online store says that this product is "Currently unavailable" (at least in my country) and I'm kind of forced to buy the more expensive version of it, otherwise I can't keep working.

I feel I have been scammed although I recognize the quality of the Intuos tablet, but it is neither ecological nor honest that these nibs wears out so quickly. I had an old wacom tablet, not even that expensive, and the nib lasted for 5 years! Here it lasted only one week!

You really need to improve on this product!

From: Andreas J.
14.08.2010 00:57

Wie immer ohne Verzögerung angekommen und gut verpackt

Zuverlässig und gut verpackt wie immer.
Die klare Nr.1 bei Grafiktablets.

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