Cintiq 24HD

Cintiq 24HD

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Order number: DTK-2400


Ready for instant shipment. Delivery time: 3-7 working days.

£1,999.99 *

Order number: DTK-2400


Ready for instant shipment. Delivery time: 3-7 working days.

£1,999.99 *
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      From: Darrie
      26.03.2014 14:46

      My rating

      I just got the Ciniq 24Hd. I was disappointed with the sharpness of the screen and for the price
      i paid for it. i would had thought it be razor sharp. so it tends to be more soft looking. and it would had been handy if they had some slide out shelf for the keyboard. As much i love Wacom
      they are rather pricy.

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Cintiq 24HD

Order number: DTK-2400

Free shipment

Ready for instant shipment. Delivery time: 3-7 working days.

£1,999.99 *

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[{"id":"95","articleID":"440","name":"Cintiq24 HD + Spyder4Elite","active":"1","rab_type":"abs","taxID":"1","ordernumber":"GS_BUNDLE_747661992","max_quantity_enable":"0","max_quantity":"0","valid_from":"0000-00-00","valid_to":"0000-00-00","datum":"2013-06-24 08:52:10","customergroups":"EK,3,15,24","sells":"52","tax":"19","sBaseOrdernumbers":["DTK-2400"],"sBundleArticlesTotalPrice":{"price":187.99,"net_price":157.975,"display":"187.99"},"sBundleArticles":[{"id":"163","bundleID":"95","ordernumber":"MERCH-SPYDER","sDetails":{"articleID":"563","articleDetailsID":"920","ordernumber":"MERCH-SPYDER","datum":"2013-06-19","sales":"142","highlight":"0","description":"","description_long":"Show the World Your True Colors and Create Images with Impact Spyder4ELITE features a patented, full-spectrum 7-color sensor that can accurately characterize a variety of wide gamut and normal displays. Spyder4ELITE software lets you use the same sensor to calibrate your computer displays, projectors, TVs (with purchase of the Spyder4TV HD cross-grade), plus iPads and iPhones (with the free SpyderGALLERY App). No other calibrator has this capability. The fourth-generation sensor uses double-shielded filters for longer life and better performance. On average, accuracy and precision are improved by 26% and 19% respectively. Photographers, designers and imaging professionals can work confidently on a properly color-calibrated screen and can assert greater control over the color fidelity of their digital process. Images can be reliably assessed and adjusted on a properly calibrated display, enabling true-to-life reproduction of image files.","supplierName":"Datacolor","supplierImg":"","articleName":"Spyder4Elite","price":187.99,"pseudoprice":"0","tax":"19","attr1":"0","attr2":"0","attr3":"0","attr4":"","attr5":"","attr6":"","attr7":"","attr8":"0","attr9":"","attr10":"0","attr11":"","attr12":"<h3>Automated Color & Brightness Calibration<\/h3>\n<p>Spyder4Elite&rsquo;s simple, clear and automated process makes it straightforward to calibrate your displays to a reference condition. You can view and edit images with confidence on a display calibrated to show true-to-life colors and luminance adjusted for precise shadow\/highlight detail.<\/p>\n<h3>Full-spectrum color sensor<\/h3>\n<p>Spyder4ELITE&rsquo;s patented 7-color sensor improves upon colorimeters that use 3-channel RGB sensors. Each Spyder4ELITE unit is individually tuned in the factory to accurately handle a variety of wide-gamut and normal gamut displays with ease.<\/p>\n<h3>Single sensor calibrates all your displays<\/h3>\n<p>Spyder4ELITE works with your laptop, multiple monitors, front projector, television, iPad and even iPhone. It works with LCD, LED, OLED, CRT, Retina Display, DLP and other display technologies. You can calibrate multiple displays connected to your computer. Spyder4ELITE is unique in its ability to calibrate all your display devices to achieve greater consistency.<\/p>\n<h3>Improved accuracy and stability<\/h3>\n<p>The fourth-generation Spyder4ELITE has double-shielded color filters for an even closer match to CIE color standards and improved long term stability. 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A sensor on the Spyder4Elite detects changes to surrounding light and adapts the display luminance accordingly.<\/p>\n<h3>Spyder4ELITE software options for greater control<\/h3>\n<p>For greater control over color management Spyder4Elite provides additional features:<\/p>\n<ul>\n<li>StudioMatch enables visual fine-tuning of studio displays to match the way you see color.<\/li>\n<li>Built-in presets for video standards such as Cineon, NTSC and PAL.<\/li>\n<li>Color analysis of your display quality by plotting uniformity, color gamut, and change over time, tone response and allowing comparison with other displays.<\/li>\n<li>Calibrate to professional workflow targets with L-Star tone response curve.<\/li>\n<li>Unlimited choices for gamma, white point, white luminance and black luminance.<\/li>\n<li>Iterative grey balance algorithm for the most accurate greys.<\/li>\n<li>Front projector calibration for color accurate presentations.<\/li>\n<\/ul>","attr13":"","attr14":null,"attr15":null,"attr16":"http:\/\/\/embed\/G8t6-ddR47Y","attr17":"0","attr18":"","attr19":"","attr20":"","instock":"6","weight":"0.501","shippingtime":"5","pricegroup":"3","pricegroupID":"1","pricegroupActive":"0","filtergroupID":"0","purchaseunit":"0","referenceunit":"0","unitID":"0","laststock":"1","additionaltext":"","sConfigurator":"0","esd":"0","sVoteAverange":{"averange":0,"count":0},"newArticle":"0","topseller":"1","sUpcoming":"0","sReleasedate":"","liveshopping":null,"sVariantArticle":null,"priceStartingFrom":0,"image":{"src":{"original":"http:\/\/\/images\/articles\/eb89305b92c3b494a6037aa65c2fc37f.jpg","0":"http:\/\/\/images\/articles\/eb89305b92c3b494a6037aa65c2fc37f_0.jpg","1":"http:\/\/\/images\/articles\/eb89305b92c3b494a6037aa65c2fc37f_1.jpg","2":"http:\/\/\/images\/articles\/eb89305b92c3b494a6037aa65c2fc37f_2.jpg","3":"http:\/\/\/images\/articles\/eb89305b92c3b494a6037aa65c2fc37f_3.jpg","4":"http:\/\/\/images\/articles\/eb89305b92c3b494a6037aa65c2fc37f_4.jpg","5":"http:\/\/\/images\/articles\/eb89305b92c3b494a6037aa65c2fc37f_5.jpg","6":"http:\/\/\/images\/articles\/eb89305b92c3b494a6037aa65c2fc37f_6.jpg","7":"http:\/\/\/images\/articles\/eb89305b92c3b494a6037aa65c2fc37f_7.jpg","8":"http:\/\/\/images\/articles\/eb89305b92c3b494a6037aa65c2fc37f_8.jpg","":"http:\/\/\/images\/articles\/eb89305b92c3b494a6037aa65c2fc37f_.jpg"},"res":{"original":{"width":"650","height":"650"},"description":"","relations":""},"position":"1","extension":"jpg","main":"1"},"linkBasket":"shopware.php?sViewport=basket&sAdd=MERCH-SPYDER","linkDetails":"shopware.php?sViewport=detail&sArticle=563","mode":"fix","netprice":157.975}}],"sBundlePrices":{"15":{"id":"816","bundleID":"95","customergroup":"15","price":2299.9,"percentage":"2299.9"},"24":{"id":"817","bundleID":"95","customergroup":"24","price":1999.99,"percentage":"1999.99"},"3":{"id":"815","bundleID":"95","customergroup":"3","price":1999.99,"percentage":"1999.99"},"EK":{"id":"814","bundleID":"95","customergroup":"EK","price":2299.9,"percentage":"2299.9"},"price":1999.99,"netprice":1680.6638655462,"percentage":"1999.99","display":1999.99},"sBundleStints":[]}]

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Dream Machine: High-end technology PLUS impressive engineering.

As the biggest Cintiq Wacom offers, Cintiq 24HD interactive pen display it is not a dream but a dream come true. Designed for full-fledged creative production it sets standards for everybody working in 3D design, movie animation and editing, concept art, game development and CAD engineering, too.

A high end drawing tool for high end drawing work.

Cintiq 24HDCintiq 24HD’s interactive pen display will give you a new digital drawing experience in the most literal sense: Work directly with the pen on screen with natural, intuitive hand-eye coordination. How natural? How intuitive? Very much so, as 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity and Wacom Tip Sensor produce an outstandingly precise and detailed reflection of your ideas.

A workbench for creative professionals.

Cintiq 24HD designed for creative people that work on massive creative projects. Its size is ideal for people who work long hours on screen and who need this large view on their work. Cintiq 24HD is a solid piece of engineering and so heavy that you need two people to lift it and place it on a solid desk. It is a mighty product and you want to make sure that you have enough space and a proper table to hold this.

Rely on your creativity – and lean on your Cintiq24HD!

Cintiq 24HDCintiq 24HD’s specially designed ergonomic stand allows you to fully adapt to your preferred working position. You can even work in a unique away-from-the-desk off-table-edge position – and lean on it! Changing the working position is no problem either – the display transits between low/flat and upright/angled with the assisted lifts and intuitive breaks. Cintiq 24HD’s ergonomic convenience enables you to work without tiring thanks to this unique display stand, ten individually configurable ExpressKeys and two handy Touch Rings.

Get what you see.

Cintiq 24HDCintiq 24HD’s large 61 cm (24") widescreen display provides a perfect workspace for creating digital content. It is not only large, but also provides you with superior display fidelity with full HD resolution (1,920 x 1,200) and high colour gamut (92% Adobe RGB) to bring all your creative ideas to life.


Cintiq 40-day money-back guarantee

Not satisfied? No problem.
We are huge fans of our own products and assume that our customers are also extremely satisfied with their Cintiqs, which is why we're extending the return period for Cintiq online purchases made in the Wacom eStore from 14 to 40 days.
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  • Large 24" (61 cm) widescreen display provides a perfect workspace for creating digital content
  • Superior display fidelity with full HD resolution (1,920 x 1,200) and high colour gamut (92% Adobe RGB) to bring your creative ideas to life
  • Supports HDCP protocol to view copy protected materials e.g. Blu-Ray videos
  • Impressive industrial design with flat drawing surface and unique display stand
  • Display transits between low/flat and upright/angled with the assisted lifts and intuitive breaks
  • Enables unique off table edge positioning
  • Work directly with the pen on screen with intuitive hand-eye coordination
  • 2,048 levels of pressure sensitivity and Wacom Tip Sensor produce a precise and detailed reflection of your ideas ?

System requirements

  • PC: Windows® 7, Vista™ (SP2), XP (SP3)
  • Mac: OS X Version 10.5.8 or later  
  • DisplayPort or DVI or VGA connector
  • USB port
  • CD-ROM drive

Cintiq 40-day money-back guarantee

Not satisfied? No problem.

We are huge fans of our own products and assume that our customers are also extremely satisfied with their Cintiqs, which is why we're extending the return period for Cintiq online purchases made in the Wacom eStore from 14 to 40 days.

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Compare products

Technical details

General specifications

  • Input voltage: AC 100 - 240 V, 50 Hz/60 Hz
  • Output voltage: DC 24 V, 5.0 A max.
  • Maximum power consumption: 71 W, 2 W in sleep mode, 1 W in off mode
  • Dimensions: 769 x 464 x 64 mm, excl. stand
  • Weight: 29.0 kg (63.93 lb), incl. stand
    13.7 kg (30.20 lb), excl. stand
  • Interfaces: DisplayPort, DVI, VGA, USB
  • Supported operating systems: Windows®: 7, Vista™, XP (32 / 64 bit)
    Macintosh®: OS X, version 10.5.8 or later
  • Stand: flexible positioning
  • Certification and compliance: VCCI Class B, FCC Part 15 Subpart B (class B) and C, CE, KCC, BSMI, C-tick, CB, CCC, GOST-R, China RoHS, Korean RoHS, EU RoHS


  • Type: a-SI Active Matrix TFT LCD (H-IPS)
  • Screen size (diagonal): 61 cm (24.1")
  • Display area: 518 x 324 mm
  • Aspect ratio: 16:10
  • Resolution: WUXGA (1,920 x 1,200 pixel)
  • Pixel pitch: 0.27 mm x 0.27 mm
  • Colours: 16.7 million
  • Brightness: 190 cd/m˛
  • Contrast ratio: 550:1
  • Response rate: 13 ms
  • Viewing angle (horizontal/vertical): 178° / 178°
  • Cover plate: tempered etched glass with anti-glare film
  • Plug and Play: DDC 2B, DDC/CI


  • Technology: electromagnetic resonance method
  • Active area: 518 x 324 mm (20.4 x 12.8 in)
  • Resolution: 0.005 mm per point (5,080 lines per inch)
  • Coordinate accuracy: ±0.5 mm (±0.02 in), center
  • Reading height: 5 mm (0.2 in), center
  • Report rate: 133 points per second


  • Type: pressure-sensitive, cordless, battery-free
  • Switches: tip switch, 2 side switches and eraser
  • Pressure to activate tip switch: less than 1 g (0.035 oz)
  • Pressure levels: 2,048
  • Tip switch lifetime: 10 million pen strokes
  • Weight: ±17 g (0.63 oz)
  • Rubberised grip area: yes
  • Supplied pen nibs: 6 standard nibs, 1 stroke nib, 3 felt nibs


  • Type: any graphics card with DisplayPort, DVI or VGA connection (DVI and DisplayPort connection recommended)





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