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Bamboo Pad (USB)

Bamboo Pad (USB)

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The BambooPad is a touchpad with a digital stylus.

Bamboo Pad USB

Using touches and gestures on the Bamboo Pad makes navigating in operating systems such as Windows 8 (or Mac OS X 10.7+) more intuitive and convenient than with a traditional mouse. Thanks to its particularly thin profile, the pad is ergonomic and comfortable to use for hours on end.

Bamboo Pad USB

The special feature of the Bamboo Pad, however, is its digital stylus, which isespecially useful whenever you would use a pen instead of your finger in your non-digital life: e.g. for making quick notes and doodles or for marking and annotating texts. With just a few strokes of the stylus, you can give things like e-mails a personal touch by adding handwriting, a hand-drawn smiley, or other customised details. What is more, hand-drawn visualisations can be used to spruce up your presentations and make them really stand out.

Bamboo Pad USB

Setting up the Bamboo Pad is as easy as operating it: thanks to plug and play technology, no installation is needed on Windows 7 and Windows 8. A driver for the Mac OS X operating system is available fromwww.wacom.com.

System requirements

  • USB port
  • Plug and Play under Windows 8 and Windows 7
  • Driver available for Mac OS X 10.7 or later

Package content

  • 1 Bamboo Pad with stylus
  • Micro-USB cable (1 m)
  • Quick start guide

Technical details

Colour(s) Metallic gray / black
Dimensions (W D H) 141.4 166.5 4.5 to 15.7 mm
Interface Micro-USB (detachable cable)
Power supply via USB
Stylus length 115 mm
Stylus diameter 7.7 mm
Stylus weight 5 g
Stylus nib 23 mm (compatible with Bamboo Stylus feel for Samsung Galaxy Note)
Specials The stylus uses Wacom feel IT technology. The stylus can be stored in a compartment inside the Bamboo Pad.

Bamboo Pad (USB)

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From: Ron Tocknell
20 November 2013

OK for the price

It's certainly better than using a mouse or the dreaded laptop touchpad! It makes using Photoshop and suchlike a lot easier.
However, the stylus could be better designed. The button is flush with the stylus barrel, which is presumably to prevent pressing it accidentally. Unfortunately, it makes pressing it deliberately rather a fiddle. If it was a little more raised, it would make it easier to locate by feel and easier to press. As it is, you have to fumble around to find a black, flush button on a black surface and then make several attempts to activate it before it responds (you have to press it in the right spot). I'm hoping this could be rectified by carefully glueing a small strip of plastic to it to raise it above the surface but a design rethink would be better.
However, it is a functional tablet at an accessible price. The quality is what one would expect for the price but it does the job and that's good enough for me.


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