Bamboo Stylus Replacement Nibs

Bamboo Stylus Replacement Nibs

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Order number: ACK-20501


Ready for instant shipment. Delivery time: 3-7 working days.

£4.99 *
113 Reviews

Bamboo Stylus Replacement Nibs

Order number: ACK-20501


Ready for instant shipment. Delivery time: 3-7 working days.

£4.99 *

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Replacement nibs 6mm for the Bamboo Stylus

Bamboo Stylus rubber nibs are produced with the highest quality materials to ensure the best on screen feeling and experience.

However, as with most other things, after excessive or extended use it is possible that the nibs can show signs of wear.

We rigorously test all Bamboo Stylus to ensure you get to enjoy them for as long as possible, however depending on your usage level at some point they may need replacing.

The rubber nib design eliminates the need for users to apply heavy pressure when using on screen, which assists in extending the nib life. It is advisable to prevent the stylus from being dropped as this can cause premature nib damage.

System requirements

Compatible with:

  • Bamboo Stylus - CS-100
  • Bamboo Stylus Duo 1. Generation - CS-110
  • Bamboo Stylus Pocket - CS-200
  • Bamboo Stylus Alpha - CS-130
  • Bamboo Stylus Mini - CS-120 
  • Intuos Creative Stylus CS-500/CS-500B

Not compatible with:

  • Bamboo Stylus Solo 2. Generation - CS-140
  • Bamboo Stylus Duo 2. Generattion - CS-150

Bamboo Stylus Replacement Nibs

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From: smith
27.06.2014 17:50

delivery by UPS

Delivery by UPS is a very pity, I purchased the same materials in France last month and I didn't received it. UPS has sent a lot of mails to change the delivery date, and after a long time they returned the materials. Now I purchased it from Belgium, I received 2 mails with 2 different dates for the delivery and after that a third mail where they announce me that the delivery is not possible due to mechanical problems. Please use the post ! UPS is a very bad society !

From: Miguel Fernandes
26.06.2014 14:20

Delivery options

The product is very good, the price ok, but the delivery is EXTREMELY expensive. NOrmal post is enougth, or at least have that option.

26.06.2014 10:44

Prodotto buono, ma un po' delicato

Le punte di ricambio sono un po' delicate, dopo un po' si rompono e diventano meno efficienti.
Sarebbe buona cosa se fossero costruite con materiale leggermente più robusto (per non compromettere l'impatto morbido, ma garantire una maggiore durata).

From: santiago
31.05.2014 03:18


Bin nicht wirklich zu frieden,die spitzen reissen immer wider ziemlich schnell.
Ist das erste Produkt mit dem ich solche Probleme habe.

From: susi
30.05.2014 11:34

Satisfecho en 3 dias lo he recibido

El envío ha sido correcto y rápido. El producto, debido a los gastos de transporte, sale a cuenta pedir varios paquetitos. No lo he encontrado más barato en ninguna otra web. Es el original de Bamboo Stylus.

From: Alfredo Salgado
10.05.2014 10:06

Buen material

Servicio muy eficiente y rápido. Las puntas de recambio para el Stylus son magníficas. Estamos ante una Empresa de primera con una calidad de fabricación impecable. Muy recomendable.

From: Giuseppe
09.05.2014 20:07

Punta delicata

La penna e' ottima, purtroppo il materiale che ricopre la punta e' troppo delicato

From: Julius Ecke
19.03.2014 12:21

Schlechtes Produktmanagement

Für die Stiftspitzen, die nach 2 Monaten Gebrauch zerreissen EUR 4.90 zu verlangen grenzt an Wucher. 1. Für das Material wurd eine sehr anfällige Gummimischung verwendet, es gibt robustere Gummimischungen die ein vielfaches der Zeit haltbar sind, und 2. für diesen vergänglichen Gummi wird ein exorbitanter Preis verlangt der in keiner Relation zum eigentlichen Material-Wert von ca. EUR 0,05 steht!
Wer nur an Gewinnoptimierung orientiert ist und sich nicht um die Anwenderfreudlichkeit und Nachhaltigkeit der Produkte kümmert pflegt ein Philosophie die ich nicht mehr untersützen werde.
Den Bamboo Stylus gebe ich zum Wertstoffhof.

From: msegt
13.01.2014 13:57

It doesn't work well with iPad mini Retina or iPad Air

I owned the previous version of this stylus for my iPad 2 and I was really happy, but I am really disappointed because the new version of the stylus (released in mid-late 2013) doesn't work properly with iPad mini Retina or iPad Air.

It is impossible to use it since you have to press really hard (until the point that the metal part almost touch the screen) and in 90º to make it work. At first I exchanged it because I thought it was faulty, but it wasn't the problem, because it works totally fine with iPad 2.

Now I have bought a 3€ stylus that works perfectly fine.

If you search on the Internet about this issue you will see that I am not the only person with this problem.

I hope Wacom can solve the problem or launch a new version that works with the new iPad's versions, and at least show in the features page that it's not compatible with later that iPad 4 iPads

From: Betty BePunkt
18.11.2013 10:50

Stylus Solo - Spitze nach einem Monat defekt

Ich habe mir einen Stylus Solo gekauft und war auch exakt vier Wochen damit sehr zufrieden.
Dann ging die Spitze kaputt. Sehr ärgerlich!
Schnell Ersatzspitzen für unverhältnissmäßig viel Geld gekauft und diese passten dann nicht mal.
Nach intensiven Suchen, habe ich dann den Hinweis gefunden, dass die Ersatzspitzen nun gerade nicht auf den Stylus Solo passen.

Also liebe Leute aufgepasst!

From: Dan Baker
18.09.2013 17:45

Great product

Bought the Bamboo Stylus for use on my ipad and iPhone. Also bought replacement nibs regular and firm. The regular nibs work better than the firm for drawing. I don't agree with most of the negative reviews.

From: Sonia Palomar Marquez
09.09.2013 17:30

Un buen pen

El pen es el mejor que he probado para dibujar en el iPad. ¡Pero la goma del extremo debería ser a prueba de niños!

Ellos aprietan mucho al dibujar, por lo que la goma sufre más y se destroza rápidamente. No duró ni una tarde....

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