Bamboo Stylus Replacement Nibs

Bamboo Stylus Replacement Nibs

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Order number: ACK-20501


Ready for instant shipment. Delivery time: 3-7 working days.

£4.99 *
157 Reviews

Bamboo Stylus Replacement Nibs

Order number: ACK-20501


Ready for instant shipment. Delivery time: 3-7 working days.

£4.99 *

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Replacement nibs 6mm for the Bamboo Stylus

Bamboo Stylus rubber nibs are produced with the highest quality materials to ensure the best on screen feeling and experience.

However, as with most other things, after excessive or extended use it is possible that the nibs can show signs of wear.

We rigorously test all Bamboo Stylus to ensure you get to enjoy them for as long as possible, however depending on your usage level at some point they may need replacing.

The rubber nib design eliminates the need for users to apply heavy pressure when using on screen, which assists in extending the nib life. It is advisable to prevent the stylus from being dropped as this can cause premature nib damage.

System requirements

Compatible with:

  • Bamboo Stylus - CS-100
  • Bamboo Stylus Duo 1. Generation - CS-110
  • Bamboo Stylus Pocket - CS-200
  • Bamboo Stylus Alpha - CS-130
  • Bamboo Stylus Mini - CS-120 
  • Intuos Creative Stylus CS-500/CS-500B

Not compatible with:

  • Bamboo Stylus Solo 2. Generation - CS-140
  • Bamboo Stylus Duo 2. Generattion - CS-150
  • Bamboo Stylus Solo 3. Generation - CS-160
  • Bamboo Stylus Duo 3. Generation - CS-170
  • Bamoo Stylus Fineline

Bamboo Stylus Replacement Nibs

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From: Ian Auld
11.11.2015 18:59

Good and bad

No instructions as to how to fit until I found something in procreate webpage. Cost more for postage than the product itself cost. However, was the correct model as the one on Amazon had the wrong serial number. I am using creative stylus 1 for iPad. Bought two packs which cost nearly as much altogether as the stylus itself. Hope it works.

From: Gemakkelijk
11.08.2015 18:04

Gemakkelijk e snelle levering, binnen 24uur.

Gemakkelijk bestelen, snelle levering. Verzendkosten aan de dure kant. Dus bestel voldoende voorraad per bestelling.

From: Mark McShane
21.10.2014 22:47

A Necessary Evil

The stylus is the best at this price, but the cost of the nibs is a disgrace and the cost of "carriage" is ridiculous. My tracking describes the package as "up to 0.5kg"! Get a grip, the nibs probably weight less than 5g! Normal postage would be fine.

Thought I'd buy two packs to reduce the ludicrous carriage charges...guess what, the nibs deteriorate over time.

Your website!!! From a company that supports "creatives"! Called support and they were off-hand and useless.

So, good product, outrageous costs, poor service, hopeless web asked!

From: John Axtell
01.09.2014 19:53

Excellent service from Wacom

Replacement Nibs for BAMBOO alpha stylus. Ordered Friday, delivered Monday. Perfect for iPad3. Note that £4,95 buys you three nibs, which isn't clear when you order. That 's a far better buy than a replacement stylus of any kind.

From: msegt
13.01.2014 13:57

It doesn't work well with iPad mini Retina or iPad Air

I owned the previous version of this stylus for my iPad 2 and I was really happy, but I am really disappointed because the new version of the stylus (released in mid-late 2013) doesn't work properly with iPad mini Retina or iPad Air.

It is impossible to use it since you have to press really hard (until the point that the metal part almost touch the screen) and in 90º to make it work. At first I exchanged it because I thought it was faulty, but it wasn't the problem, because it works totally fine with iPad 2.

Now I have bought a 3€ stylus that works perfectly fine.

If you search on the Internet about this issue you will see that I am not the only person with this problem.

I hope Wacom can solve the problem or launch a new version that works with the new iPad's versions, and at least show in the features page that it's not compatible with later that iPad 4 iPads

From: Peter
14.08.2013 16:52

Cannot recommend

Nice to use, BUT, after I bought my first the nib lasted about 1week, it was replaced by the retailer, but the nib on this also split in the same manner after about 2weeks. I am not a heavy user of the IPad and there is an inherent design/material fault in this product. Sorry Wacom, perhaps you have sorted the problem out in the last few months but I am unwilling to try at my expense.

From: James Kyle
26.06.2012 07:57

Great but hard to cheaply replace

After about 4 months of regular use my nib finally split. I've been trying to replace it through the Wacom store but unless you but it as soon as it goes into stock you'll be out of luck. The only other option is to pay a ridiculous markup on the product over on somewhere like Amazon (and who knows if it's a genuine Wacom nib and not some cheap knock off).

Overall though the nib has been pretty good. I just can't rate this higher as it seems that once it splits it's impossible to cheaply replace.

From: MarcS
04.12.2014 10:59

Der Stift ist toll, aber nur 1-2 Monate und dann sind diese Spitzen hin, deren Preis an Wucher grenzt.
Schade, das war mein erster und ist mein letzter Stift von Wacom

From: Bamboo Stylus penpunten
21.11.2014 11:12


In september 2012 2 setjes punten gekocht en nu , november 2014, nieuwe moeten bestellen.
Dit komt dus neer op 4maanden per punt, dit valt dus wel mee. Prettig in gebruik.
Het enige wat me nu tegen viel was de prijs voor de verzending, namelijk €6,00 voor een pakje dat nog geen 60 gram woog. In 2012 betaalde ik hier nog geen €3,00 voor. Een forse verhoging vind ik. Verder zijn wij zeer tevreden, ook over de zeer snelle levering: 's middags besteld, de volgende ochtend in de bus.

From: Julius Ecke
19.03.2014 12:21

Schlechtes Produktmanagement

Für die Stiftspitzen, die nach 2 Monaten Gebrauch zerreissen EUR 4.90 zu verlangen grenzt an Wucher. 1. Für das Material wurd eine sehr anfällige Gummimischung verwendet, es gibt robustere Gummimischungen die ein vielfaches der Zeit haltbar sind, und 2. für diesen vergänglichen Gummi wird ein exorbitanter Preis verlangt der in keiner Relation zum eigentlichen Material-Wert von ca. EUR 0,05 steht!
Wer nur an Gewinnoptimierung orientiert ist und sich nicht um die Anwenderfreudlichkeit und Nachhaltigkeit der Produkte kümmert pflegt ein Philosophie die ich nicht mehr untersützen werde.
Den Bamboo Stylus gebe ich zum Wertstoffhof.

From: Betty BePunkt
18.11.2013 10:50

Stylus Solo - Spitze nach einem Monat defekt

Ich habe mir einen Stylus Solo gekauft und war auch exakt vier Wochen damit sehr zufrieden.
Dann ging die Spitze kaputt. Sehr ärgerlich!
Schnell Ersatzspitzen für unverhältnissmäßig viel Geld gekauft und diese passten dann nicht mal.
Nach intensiven Suchen, habe ich dann den Hinweis gefunden, dass die Ersatzspitzen nun gerade nicht auf den Stylus Solo passen.

Also liebe Leute aufgepasst!

From: Dan Baker
18.09.2013 17:45

Great product

Bought the Bamboo Stylus for use on my ipad and iPhone. Also bought replacement nibs regular and firm. The regular nibs work better than the firm for drawing. I don't agree with most of the negative reviews.

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