Used products are test or demonstration products utilized by Wacom. These devices may show slight signs of wear. However, they have been carefully cleaned and were subject to a technical inspection prior to resale. Warranty is for two years.

PL-720 Office LCD tablet

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With its 17" screen size at SXGA resolution (1,280 x 1,024 pixels) and its ergonomic PL Pen, the PL-720 allows you to input data directly on-screen - with greater speed and accuracy thanks to the perfect hand-eye-coordination. PL-720 is a perfect companion for...

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PL-900 Demo

Currently unavailable

PL-900 by Wacom - Your workplace innovation

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PL-521 Demo

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irectly on the screen with the pen as you would do on traditional paper. Work interactively with greater speed and accuracy.

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